Real Life Cockapoo Pregnancy Diary

I decided to create this pregnancy diary when I mated my lovely Cockapoo as I wanted something to look back on and refer to, plus this type of diary may help others that are considering breeding or just be a fun read for any Cockapoo owners or soon to be owners.

Day 10 of Season – Honey was mated with a well selected Apricot Poodle called Chandler. It was a ‘text book’ mating with lots of sniffing, tail swishing, natural standing, and two lovely natured dogs. Chandler is an experienced stud and a tie of approximately 5-8 minutes was gained, to be honest I wasn’t really clock watching, just amazed at how Honey was during the mating. Chandler’s owner and I were on hand to support our dogs but for Honey’s first time I was amazed how relaxed and willing she was during the mating. Honey is clearly a flirt :). Honey slept all the way home and enjoyed a pig’s ear as soon as she got home.

Day 12 of Season – A second mating was planned, quite a long drive today due to bad traffic but well worth it for the right boyfriend. This mating was also very natural although Honey was less flirty this time, but was still happy to stand beautifully as she seem to know exactly what she was doing and the tie lasted approximately 20 minute during this mating.

Day 13-15 of Season – Honey was bleeding slightly during these days, not a heavy bleed but some spotting.

Day 17 of Season – No bleeding at all and also the swelling has reduced dramatically too, no tail swishing or turning at all, end of season is approaching. She was given a shower along with a well deserved brush out and coat cut. Her coat was cut to approximately ¾ of an Inch all over, which is easy to maintain plus any tummy growth in the forthcoming weeks maybe clearer to see.

Day 19 of Season – Ok time to read the ‘Book of the Bitch’ for the third or fourth time, I must admit this book is never far from my side and is one of the best books I have ever purchased. I have decided to keep this diary of events as a record, it will be interesting to record the whole experience if we have puppies or not.

12 Days after first mating – Here she is :)

12 Days after first mating

14 Days after first mating – If she is pregnant I will count her pregnancy from the first mating, so therefore she maybe 2 weeks pregnant today. All the family think she is pregnant, however what will be will be and we just want to enjoy this experience with her.

21 Days after first mating – Nipples look more prominent than ever before. Honey weighs 9.6kg. She is enjoying her daily exercise although as a family we have noticed she is a little less lively around the house, but this could be us looking for any signs. I have decided to take Honey to our vet to see if he can confirm pregnancy by either an ultrasound scan or palpation of her abdomen. Knowing if she is pregnant or not allows me to start making preparation for worming her, buying all the whelping supplies etc, however I know that foetus/puppy numbers may not be confirmed and nothing is guarantee regarding full term puppies being born.

28 Days after first mating – Honey and I went to our vets this evening and after feeling her, my vets confirmed that she is actually pregnant… oh wow I am nervous and excited all at the same time. Now I know she is pregnant I will be so proud to share this wonderful news with my close doggy friends.

35 Days Pregnant (5 weeks) – Honey weighs 10kg today. We have actually noticed her walking with a slight waddle plus a pear shape appearance is becoming clear to see.

35 Days Pregnant (5 weeks)

40 Days Pregnant – Started to give her a low dose of Panacur 10% today and she will continue to have this each day until 2 days after whelping. Whelping supplies have all been ordered and are starting to arrive.

42 Days Pregnant – Honey is weighing 11.2 kilograms today and looking a lovely chubby mummy-to-be. I am brushing her daily and have decided to cut her coat short soon, as whelping can be a messy experience, plus she won’t want to be disturbed for brushing when she is caring for her puppies.

42 Days Pregnant

48 Days Pregnant – Honey had a dramatic coat cut today, I have cut her very short as whelping can be a messy time. Although I love her legs to be thick and full in appearance, the grooming and continuous brushing is something I am not sure Honey will appreciate for a few weeks, and I would hate my dogs to become badly matted as it has never happened. When my dog’s coat’s become long I have to brush them out daily or every other day as matts in their coats is one of my worst fears, a big tight matt can’t be comfortable, so this pre whelping cut is prevention rather than cure, I am not keen on the look of this cut but I need to be practical for Honey during this time and she is stunning and adorable whatever her coat cut looks like.

49 Days Pregnant

49 Days Pregnant – She is weighing in at 11.8kg. I have noticed she has a clear discharge now and her vulva is very soft.

49 Days Pregnant

52 Days Pregnant – I am bursting to tell someone so thought I would share this exciting news with the pregnancy diary. I had a lovely cuddle with the mummy-to-be this evening and could feel little puppy kicks, ahhh it was amazing and I was so excited. I think it just hit me, as I have been waiting for this moment for so long and I feel totally privileged to be having this experience with Honey and I will cherish every second of it.

55 Days Pregnant – She is continuing to take her Panacur each day, plus now I am taking her temperature twice a day and keeping a record to look for a drop in temperature which means her puppies will be on their way shortly (possible 12-24 hours). She is such a loving dog generally and is no different during pregnancy, maybe a little more cuddly (if that is at all possible) plus she is sleeping and resting much more now. She has a clear sticky discharge which is to be expected but with such a full tummy she struggled to reach this rear area for cleaning herself, sorry for this detail but it will get much more intimate in the coming week.

I was sat on the floor today giving Honey a well deserved tummy rub and feeling for little puppy kicks and a very cheerful little Fudge puppy came over and started licking Honey’s ear in such a delicate way, it was one of those sweet and special moments.

59 Days Pregnant – Just a quick update on the mummy-to-be, she is still enjoying her daily waddle, I mean walk, and is sleeping quite a lot. Her temperature hasn’t dropped and she is eating well too. She is very keen to show her full belly for a tummy rub and of course I have to oblige and feel those special little puppy kicks. The puppies can be seen moving around which is such a wonderful sight, well if you are not squeamish I guess. All in all she is very content and relaxed. In a way I will miss this time when the puppies arrive as I have enjoyed every second of this pregnancy with her and it has been very special indeed.

59 Days Pregnant

60 Days Pregnant – She was not so interested in her food today and is weighing in at, wait for it, 12.3 kilograms, I know us women don’t like to talk about our weight, but it’s quite acceptable when pregnant to boast how chubby you are. I guess this is when knowing your dog well really helps, she’s a little restless and is moving from one favourite spot to the next … her temperature has dropped slightly too, so things are slowly starting to happened here, the whelping area is ready, I am ready… Hope you are ready :)

61 Days Pregnant – Puppy Day :) 


  1. Karen smith says:

    Honey is looking a beautiful mummy to be. Can’t wait for whelping day. Very best of luck and good wishes to both you and Honey.

  2. Can’t agree more with Karen. What a very special time this must be and I also wish you all the best for the coming days. Like you, I am also nervously awaiting puppies as ours are expected 27-30 June and if we are lucky enough to have a golden girl, then she will also be called Honey! Like you, I can’t resist sweet food names and this was on our original list alongside Biscuit! x

    • Hi Jane, Oh what a perfect name :). Please keep me posted on your own puppy news, I will look forward to your puppy photos. Love JoJo xxx

  3. Oh Jojo,
    look at her…She is such a gorgeous looking mommy to be! I can’t wait to see all of the gorgeous puppies.
    hugs to you and her.
    and how sweet of Fudge!

    • Hi Mo & Lady, mummy-to-be is so relaxed, enjoying lots of rest time and taking pregnancy in her stride. Love JoJo xxx

      • OH! Jojo! The latest pics of Honey are just gorgeous!! love the ear flop…her trim looks like it is nice and comfortable for her too.
        Sending hugs your way!

        • Oh Mo, I will keep you posted on any puppy news, I am loving this time with Honey, as you can imagine :) … Not long now .. Love JoJo xxx

  4. Well JoJo – I’ve beaten you to it! Our pups were born yesterday! – 3 girls and 4 boys and all dark golden so hopefully the right girl is there for us. Will send you a pic separately. Can’t wait to see Honey’s pups too! xxx

    • Congrats on your Puppy Day Jane :) yippy. Please email me some photos, oh how wonderful and what a lovely litter. I am so pleased for you and I am sure there will be a lovely little golden girl there for you. Love JoJo xxx

  5. Wendy Shelton says:

    Awww bless Honey! She looks to be taking it all in her stride and what a lovely big pink tummy she has now, lol! I love her cut – it makes her look all puppyish. Sending you lots of good wishes for whelping day Love and hugs xx

    • Hi Wendy, Honey is amazingly relaxed and content, as for me I am going to be a Cockapoo granny soon lol … puppy news coming soon, it wont be long .. Love JoJo xxx

  6. val (fiver) says:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your pregnancy blog about Honey,can’t believe how exciting it all is. Good Luck to you and gorgeous Honey.

    • Hi Val, so pleased you are enjoying the diary and thank you for your good luck wishes … Love JoJo xxx

  7. Kirsty Sladden says:

    This is fantastic, what a lovely insight into honeys pregnancy, the pups and mum are gorgeous you must be so very proud x

    • It was a wonderful experience for Honey & I. Honey is content and proving to be a naturally good mummy. Pups are all gaining weight and looking bigger by the day. Granny JoJo is very tired but couldn’t be happier :) Love JoJo xxx

  8. Hi JoJo,
    Just wanted to say a massive thankyou to you. Your blog and site has been invaluable to me for the second time. Coincidentally my Cockapoos are Fudge (age 5) and Honey (age 4). On Thurs 4th Sept Honey gave birth to her second litter of puppies (2boys, 2girls) who are all doing amazingly well. Having puppies with my fantastic poo’s was a dream of mine and after the first litter (4 healthy wee girls in Nov 2012) I just new I would do this again. I couldn’t have done this without constant reassurance from your site. Thankyou again.

    • Hi Karen, Fudge & Honey, great names by the way:)

      What a lovely comment to receive on My Dog’s Life and I’m just so happy that my experience, research and passion for dogs and breeding has helped you so much with your own dream and passion to raise a litter or 2 :). I would love to see your Honey’s litter so please do contact me directly via Ask A Question and share some photos with me. I’m only an email away if you ever need a dog loving friend or to share breeding tips with someone. Love JoJo xxx

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