Cockapoo Grooming Styles

The Cockapoo has a low to non shedding coat but due to the cross breeding the Cockapoo’s coat can differ in texture and appearance. It can be straight, loose wave, wavy or have a tight curly texture, therefore different styles suit different coat types.

To maintain the coats condition, owners will need to brush and comb the coat regularly, bath your pet when necessary (advisably every 4-6 weeks) and also a trim or cut may be necessary depending on your desired look for your Cockapoo’s coat.

A Cockapoo puppy will have a soft coat which is still developing into an adult coat and will be fairly low maintenance in the early days. It is always good to get your puppy familiar with hands on grooming from an early age, which may include a combing, brushing, bathing, claw trimming and possibly a fringe trim. However at approximately 6-8 months of age your Cockapoos coat may have become quite long in length and a trim may be required for practical reasons.

At approximately 7-10 months of age your Cockapoo puppy’s coat will develops into an adult coat and you may notice matt’s starting to appear in the coat which will continue throughout your Cockapoos life. The soft undercoat will matt, therefore regular combing and de-matting will become part of your grooming routine for your pet. All Cockapoos are different and some will matt more than others. Matts can appear on any part of your dog’s coat including the muzzle/beard, ears, legs, undercarriage, collar area, back, tail and even on the paws. Due to matting and heat during the summer months many Cockapoo owners like to have their dogs clipped or trimmed. Some owners will have their dog cut every 3 months whereas others will have the coat cut every 6 months.

There is no standard style for grooming your Cockapoo and owner tend to have their pet groomed to a style that suits their needs and best suits their dog in appearance too. Getting the look you want can be achieved by taking a selection of Cockapoo photos to your professional groomer which will help you explain the look you are trying to achieve, as you may like the face trim of one Cockapoo but the overall body cut of another Cockapoo, as it’s all about personal choice.

If you are feeling brave you can always achieve the look you desire by grooming your Cockapoo at home. You will need some equipment but it is fairly easy to do and so many of my Cockapoo friends achieve fantastic cuts on their own dogs. I tend to do my dogs grooming care myself as I know exactly what I am trying to achieve and the look I prefer.

Cockapoo Teddy Bear Cut
This style can be achieved using either clippers or scissors, however to achieve the longer length teddy bear look scissors would be recommended. This style is fairly full in length and appearance, which gives a rounded teddy bear look with a reliantly thick coat, however it is much more practical then the natural unclipped style. The legs will remain quite thick and the ears are cut to a rounded shape too. The length of the cut can differ and this is mainly due to the owner’s preference.

Cockapoo Puppy Cut
The puppy cut style can be approximately 1 to 2.5 Inches in length and gives a slightly scruffy look, therefore it doesn’t need to be too perfect. It can be as long or short as you like to suit your dog’s coat. The length of the coat is basically the same length all over and the legs remain quite full in appearance, with a general tidy up cut around the muzzle and ear area. The puppy cut look may be considered in between the teddy bear and lamb cut, as the teddy bear cut can be full and the lamb cut is usually quite short.  This cut can be a little bit scruffy too which can really shows off the lovely texture of the Cockapoo coat.

Cockapoo Lamb Cut
The lamb cut is a popular cut for Poodles and can be quite a short cut. The body is usually cut short with the muzzle, face and feet cut fairly short too. The length can differ to suit your dogs coat texture, but generally this cut gives the overall look of a lamb, hence the name. This cut is generally a little neater and shorter than the puppy cut.

Cockapoo Natural Look
An uncut Cockapoo has a very natural look and although the coat can be uncut or unclipped. There may be a small amount of trimming necessary for hygiene and practical reasons. A natural look trim can be done using scissors and although the body length is grown to full length, trimming around the eyes, ears, tail, paws and possibly undercarriage may be necessary. This style will require regular brushing and combing to prevent matting.

Cockapoo Cocker Spaniel Show Cut
A Cockapoo version of the Cocker Spaniel show cut can be achieved. The top of the body is clipped quite short but the coat on the sides of the body is left long to give a skirt appearance. A full crest of hair can be left on top of the head or this area can be cut shorter, although around the eyes, ears and fringe area is cut very neatly to show off the dogs features. The tail can be left fairly full however trimmed to an impressive shape if desired.

My Cockapoos are cut approximately twice a year with a scruffy look puppy cut style as I find this is easy to maintain, plus it feels to soft and is more practical for our sometimes messy walks. I do grow the coat out to a natural/longer coat appearance but with this comes extra matts and daily combing, as you won’t believe how quickly those little matts appear. I like the ears to be trimmed so they are not too long or full, the legs to be full with a pillar like appearance. I trim the tail so it’s not too bushy, the undercarriage is always shorter than the top of the body for hygiene reasons, the length of the cut is between 1- 1.5 inches all over, the beard and muzzle is also this length and I also trim under the muzzle as food and water is always dripping from the chin area.

Before & After a Puppy Cut – Very soft coat texture which grows to a lovely wavy texture and when cut shorter it remains tactile and soft but much easier to maintain and keep clean (1 Inch Cut)



Before & After a Puppy Cut – A tighter curl coat and this cut really shows the wonderful texture of the coat (1.5 inch all over with a scruffy look)



Before & After a Puppy Cut – A very interesting coat colour with a wavy texture and the shorter cut shows off the colouring (1 – 1.5 Inch Cut)




  1. Thank you for showing these pictures I have a 6 month old cockapoo, apricot Roan like the 1st set of pictures. This will help me explain to our groomer for the hot summer months!

    • Hi Jane, I am so pleased this article was useful to you and your young cockapoo. Enjoy your cockapoo. Love JoJo xxx

  2. I took my cockerpoo puppy to the Grooming parlour at 6 months of age and they gave her a puppy cut. It was her very first time and I have never owned a dog before so also my very first experience. I had no knowledge of how she should look but we came away happy. She looks very much like the dog in the first picture, same colour and texture coat as described. 2 months later her coat had grown very long and was beginning to matt in several places despite my attempts to brush her they seemed impossible to get out without taking the scissors to them. I took her back to the same grooming parlour, they felt her all over and said £5 would be added to the charge because she has some matts and therefore she will need to be given a short cut. I agreed to this as Summer is coming and I thought it will feel cooler for her. 2 hours later I go back for her and she is unrecognisable! It sounds like the description of the lamb cut they gave her and not terribly well done either.

    • Hi Jill, A very short lambs cut can look rather dramatic to cockapoo owners especially from a full coat to such a short cut. It does grow back very quickly and in 2-3 weeks time it will more than likely we a lovely manageable length and a scruffier look too. Having a shorter cuts does allow owners to get on top of any matts and grooming care. Regular combing, brushing and checking for matts in the matt prone areas will really help stop the matts. When going to the groomers do take a selection of images or photos of cuts or coat styles you prefer as an cockapoo owner, as this will help when showing the groomer the length and look you like for your dog. Enjoy your cockapoo and I hope you get the coat cut your desire and like next time. xxx

  3. Tina Barbato says:

    This has happened to us today, our lovely Bella looks like a completely different dog!!! Again it was the fault of the matting, which seemed to happen over night! So will now be buying detangling spray and keeping on top of grooming, it’s definatly the puppy cut for us next time.
    Thanks for writing such a informative blog, your advice has helped me out so many times over the last 6 months x

    • Hi Tina & Bella, It sounds like the short cut was needed due to matts (although comfortable for the summer months and it will grow so quickly). Some cockapoo coats suffer more from matting than others, the dense, soft, wavy and curly coats with a ‘candy floss’ texture seem to create more matts than other coat textures. Keeping on top of the combing and brushing is an ongoing task as those matts do appear very quickly in some coats. A little tip, run a comb through Bella’s coat each evening whilst enjoying a cuddle, concentrate on a new area (such as legs, tummy and undercarriage, face and ears etc) each evening and you will stay on top of any matts and it wont be such a task to comb her through. Thank you so much for your lovely comments about My Dog’s Life, that really does means so much to me. I’m only an email away if you ever need any help or tips :) Love To Bella. Jo x

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