Cockapoo Sizes

I have been interested in the overall size, build and appearance of Cockapoo’s, as the size can vary dramatically depending on the breeding mix of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle. I gathered together all the possible sizes and weights of the pure breed when breeding Cockapoos, from which an estimation on size can be made for the Cockapoo from this mix.
For example:

Toy Poodle
Weight 3-5 Kg
Height 8-10 Inches

Miniature Poodle
Weight 7–8 Kg
Height 11-15 Inches

American Cocker Spaniel
Weight 7-14 Kg
Height 15.5 Inches

English Cocker Spaniel
Weight 12-15 Kg
Height 14-17 Inches

So therefore when mixing a Miniature Poodle with an English Cocker Spaniel the Cockapoo will be somewhere in between 11 to 17 Inches in height and weighing between 7-15 kilograms in weight. This is only an indication and I would always recommend seeing both mum (Dam) and dad (Sire) of any puppy you consider buying to give you a clearer indication of build, height and weight of their offspring.

Cockapoo (English Cocker & Miniature Poodle Mix)
Weight 7–15 Kg
Height 11-17 Inches

Cockapoo (English Cocker & Toy Mix)
Weight 3-15 Kg
Height 8-17 Inches

Cockapoo (American Cocker & Miniature Poodle Mix)
Weight 7-14 Kg
Height 11-15.5 Inches

Cockapoo (American Cocker & Toy Poodle Mix)
Weight 3-14 Kg
Height 8-15.5 Inches

I hope these workings out help others as much as they helped me when researching the breed. I have heard of Cockapoo’s measuring 18 and 18.5 inches in height but I don’t know of any taller. Please let me know if your Cockapoo is taller than this and I will update the post?


  1. Tara walsh says:

    I am interested in knowing about the cockapoos non shedding possibilites. Is there any way to make sure the non shedding gene present in the puppy? (allergic child). Are F1 cockapoos more or less likely to shed or F2 cockapoos better if theybare bred from two non shedding parents?
    Thankyou for any information on this subject,
    Tara Walsh

    • Hi Tara, great to read you are considering getting a cockapoo puppy. Cockapoos are low to non shedding depending on the coat type. It seems that the tighter the curl the less chance there is of shedding. Regarding which generation (F1, F1b, F2, F2b etc) may be better for allergy sufferers there really is no straight forward answer, as you get all different coat types in a litter regardless of the generation. You may prefer to go for a more poodle looking puppy in a litter as this gives a tighter curly coat. The F1b, F2b generations have 75% poodle and 25% cocker spaniel therefore some puppies do have a tighter curl which favours the poodle, but tighter curl coats can also be seen in F1 and F2 litters, it really depends on the litter. My advice would be to find a breeder then to tell them exactly what you desire i.e. sex, colour, possibly a tighter curl coat and explain about your child’s allergies, also I am sure your family will be able to spend time around the new puppy when you visit your breeder and this will be good to ensure no reactions occurs. I hope this helps a little bit and I wish you lots of fun with your new puppy. Love JoJo xxx

  2. Hi
    thanks for all your information on cockapoo sizes. We are considering purchasing a dog and a cockapoo is one of breeds we are interested in. Your sizing guide has been really helpful. As well as working out the impact this new tiny member of the family will have on our house!, it has also helped us decide on puppy crate sizes,

    Thanks very much.

    • Hi Nicky, I am pleased this article has been useful, thank you for the feedback. Please share your puppy photos with me when you meet him/her :) Enjoy owing a cockapoo. Love JoJo xxx

  3. Hi we have recently bought a cockapoo and she is tiny, we think maybe the breeder ( who was not a pleasant chap) has told us the wrong birth date and think she is much younger is there anyway of telling?
    Karen x

    • Hi Karen, Lovely to read that you are the owner of a cockapoo however it is very sad to read that you are concerned about the age and size of your puppy :(. There is no way of being sure of age etc as each mix can differ so much in size, and puppies also develop at different rates too.

      How much does your puppy weigh?
      How tall is she?
      What mix is she i.e. what were her parents?

      Love JoJo xxx

  4. Emma Pacey says:

    Hi I am looking to get a toy cockapoo seeing as my mum is allergic but I really prefer quite small dogs. What mix would you recommend to get a really small breed? Also I live down south and I would like to see a breeder near by could you recommend someone? Thanks, Emma x

    • Hi Emma, If your mum is allergic I would recommend she spends some time around the mix of cockapoo she desires, as it would be terrible if a new puppy caused a reaction to your mum’s allergies. The toy poodle with a show cocker spaniel may produce a small sized cockapoo but please see the parents as some poodles and cocker spaniels are bigger in size than others. View the parents and ask the breeder for information about sizing, tell them what size pet you would like and what coat type, I am sure they will be happy to help you in any way they can. I prefer not to recommended breeders unless I would happily get a dog off them myself, as I would be so sad if you were not happy, I hope you understand. Please have a read of my Puppy Buying Guide which may be useful and please contact me via Ask JoJo or on this comment section if you need any further help during your search. I will help you if I can. Love JoJo xxx

  5. Hi there just been reading your website, great information! Just been to see some cockapoos today, little boy, both mum and dad cockapoos so F3 I believe, though my husband wasn’t sure of the coats of the mum and dad, very long and he thought a bit scruffy but I think it’s just they hadn’t been clipped. We the went to see two other pups F1 though unable to see mum and dad but planning to go back tomorrow. So I’m unsure now what to choose!! We do have a 14 year old llaso apso who we love but is not able to go for long walks now, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi Gina, thank you for enjoying my website :) I think it is important to always see mum with her puppies so a revisit to the F1 litter may be wise as you want to see which bitch the puppies came from, also with the other litter you viewed, if both parents were F1 cockapoos then the puppies would be F2, ask the breeder about the puppies coat types as you may see some smoother coat types which may favour the cocker spaniel and could possibly not have any length or texture, so it is always could to tell a breeder what coat type you prefer as an owner, all personal choice of course, as they are all cockapoos just some are a mix of the pure breeds and others favour one or the other of the pure breed. If both parents were F2 cockapoos then the puppies would be F3. Regarding the coat type it may have a scruffier appearance if longer but it should be clean and well cared for, as a cockapoos coat requires much care to keep it in good condition and you would hope the parent of your puppy were well cared for. I bet you are very excited about your new puppy and I hope your visits go wonderfully well for you. As your puppy gets older and then requires longer walks you could do a short walk with both of your dogs, but then take your cockapoo for a long walk later in the day when your Llaso Apso is resting. I am sure you will work something out and enjoy the fun that comes with owning two wonderful dogs. Love JoJo xxx

  6. Colin hurdsfield says:

    I have been trying to find the weight of a cockerpoo but with differing results. Some websites say about 14ib others say 19lb. Have you any guidelines on this.

    • Hi Colin, nice to hear from you. The weight and size of a Cockapoo depends so much on the mix of the cross breed and also which build or size the puppies favours. There are guidelines for each mix but the possibilities vary so much. A Toy American Cockapoo mix will be much smaller than a Miniature English Working Cockapoo for example, the parents size gives a good indication of the size of the puppies. There really isn’t a clear answer to this, just guidelines as seen in my previous posts. I have heard of adult cockapoos weighing from approx. 5 kg to approx. 20 kg, it just depends on the mix. Love JoJo xxx

  7. Does it matter which way round the parents are, mum cocker dad poodle, or mum poodle or dad cocker as to how the puppies look?? Anyone know please?

    • Hi Kristina, a cockapoo is a cross breed, so anyway around for the breeding can be done. I have seen both ways around with the parents and there is no difference, plus because its a mixed breed litter outcome can vary so much either way around. I hope this helps. Love JoJo xxx

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