My Dogís Life

Hello everyone!

After many months of soul searching and nearly 5 years of blogging about Cockapoos, dog products, breeding and puppy care, Iíve decided the time has come to close ĎMy Dogís Lifeí so I can concentrate on several other dog related projects.

Itís very important to me that I stay in touch with my friends Iíve made over the years and in contact with my wonderful previous puppy owners, so please donít forget Iím only an email away if needed. Also Iíd like to thank all my readers for all your lovely comments and support over the years, itís been so much fun sharing experiences with you and getting to know you all, so thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Looking forward Iíll be focusing on the Puppy Paws App and Patches Dog Company, and Iíll be continuing to blog on the Puppy Paws blog. As many of you already know my main passion is about quality puppy care, puppy socialisation and helping all new puppy owners when caring for their puppies, so if you have any question or want to contact me youíll be able to find me there along with great articles to help all new or soon to be puppy owners. Well I canít hang up my towel completely, once a blogger always a blogger I guess!

Patches Dog Company is my newest project and Iím really enjoying making quality dog products for your dogs and puppies. I'll be extending my beautiful dog product range over this coming year, so please come over and have a peep if you have chance, and you'll also be able to contact me via the Patches Dog Company Facebook page if you want too.

JoJo and Honey

Love, hugs and licks JoJo and Honey xxx